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Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in UK & Beyond

Talking with a counsellor or therapist can be a great source of relief and comfort during difficult times. When we start looking for a counsellor, often, we initiate that process of wanting to change something. That change may be wanting to feel calmer and more at peace. It may be learning to deal with inner conflict and extreme feelings. Often it is wanting to explore one's potential and identify direction. I can help you with this process: being heard, understood, and together exploring thoughts and feelings is how we begin. A deeper dive into 'you', is how we continue.


Given our uniqueness our counselling needs will be different, but for all of us, the time spent in counselling is the time given to overcoming difficulties and to bettering our mental and emotional state. The counselling sessions I provide are 50 minutes long, usually once a week; that time is for you to dedicate to improving your mental well-being. Every person deserves this time. 


My counselling approach integrates different therapeutic models to work with your individual needs. I practise online with clients from around the world.



You can view my services and fees here.

Nilufar Rahim


To take a step toward positive change, please book your free, no obligation, online consultation below.  


Alternatively, you can email me at

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